Denver's Homeless and the Spoken Word.

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I have shared a slice of time when I see my reflection in my subject's eyes. In them lies a world of stories which I strive to understand; photographing people helps me grasp my reality.

Through portraits I am able to explore the world around me, to engage in relationships I would have missed or listen to stories I would not have heard. I capture images that call attention to things disregarded, focusing on detail that emphasizes the interaction between past, present, and future.

My focus is on black and white portraits, washing away the fantasy seen in arrays of color and concentrating on the light within the shadows. I like to strip people from their environment when it overwhelms their personal stories, and through subtleties of light and composition, I focus on the present.

My current focus is informed by the past. No longer will my images focus on third-world subjects, but will be of subjects indigenous to my local environment: the homeless of Denver.

I will capture their images and record their spoken word to tell their stories.